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May 06, 2004



Your descriptions are fantastic! You really bring the food to life. I wish I could find more time to cook but life seems so hectic at the moment. And it's made harder because the children are so fussy.
I've done roasted cherry tomatoes as a pasta sauce but I've never tried to roast beetroot. I bet the flavour is sensational.
Please keep the descriptions and the recipes coming!!


thanx for yr encouraging comments, lucinda! it's so nice to know that someone reads all this stuff i blab out : )
i know what you mean by finding it difficult to cook when it's hectic and there are fussy kids around. some days it's all i can do to muster the energy to cook rice (and we have a rice cooker)! no wonder plain pasta is max's fave food !


Yum! Roasted tomatoes are wonderful! I'll often roast off a bunch to to use as pizza sauce or maybe a mediterranean topping for some poached fish- simple and delicious! I have made a meal just about exactly the same as you've described above, but minus the beetroot. How well did that go with everything?


with the thick asparagus, I would snap it off at the part where it naturally gives - it seems like you are wasting a heap but you never get the stringy bits then. It's also great if you grill or roast it - seems to make it sweeter. Sounds a yummy dinner.

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