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June 21, 2004



LOVE your "afternoon tea" post. Tea and berries are two of my very favorite things, too! In fact, today I plan to experiment with some kind of fruit/tea smoothie -- an idea I had over the weekend, inspired by the frozen chai I had at a tea shop in Boston. My ingredients will be strong tea, soy milk, and either raspberries or blackberries... I have both and can't decide which to use! =) Also, your cake looks great. It reminds me of the raspberry yogurt cake Clotilde wrote about last month. I tried it and it came out great. I'll have to try yours next. Thanks!


mmmm, berry chai. would love to hear about that. perhaps i subconsciously had clotilde's cake in mind when i made mine! i wish i had made 3 or even 4, now, it was so delicious. i'd love a slice now with my cup of tea...


My frozen fruit tea experiment turned out great -- you can read all about it on my blog: http://culinaryepiphanies.blogdrive.com

=) Kelli


I just made this with blueberries this afternoon. Yummy. The bottom of the cake was pretty damp - did yours stay that way too?


the cake is pretty moist but the bottom shouldn't be too soggy. perhaps a slightly longer cooking time? the paper i line the tin with is usually pretty buttery when i take it off, though. hope it tasted good, though!

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