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June 06, 2004



That espresso maker is gorgeous. And, honestly, the amount of aluminum you would have to ingest would probably require you to have at least 12 coffees a day, every day.
Enjoy, guilt-free! Or...if you're looking to off-load the machine...let me know! Where'd you get it, by the way?


off-load the sacred atomic? no way! sorry! bruno got it in sydney a few years ago. an australian company ('bon trading') in sydney gets them made in italy and then sells them in oz. they are bit of a design classic, designed by brevetti robbiatti. as far as i know they only sell them in australia...they are much sought after, and apparently there is a waiting list for them. prices are from anywhere between AUD395 - 500, but they have been known to surface in garages and second hand shops (a friend of ours found one in a fleamarket for $5).

Mark Ulves

God! I want one!
Does anyone have a link to Bon Trading in Sidney?
I can't seem to locate them on line.


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