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June 16, 2004


Wendy Wolfe

Have great fun with the book. I'm looking forward to discovering which are your favorites, and why.

And I must admit I'm a book addict as well: At one point I calculated how many recipes are in my library, and therefore how many new dishes I'd have to cook per week in order to explore the entire contents. The answer was scary. Something like nine per week, assuming that I lived to 90, cooked every week (ie, no vacations...) and never got sick!

Which made me realize - I'm already a bit, ah, sick!


thanks for the book tip for mes confitures...i'm already drooling!
i've been making quince jam (autumn/winter time in melbs and all) using this recipe -
any quince ones in mc?
nigel slater...mmmm. i so love his writing and recipies.


Yes, mc does have some quince jams (13 in fact). Things which caught my eye:
- Quince, Orange and Cardamom
- Apple and Quince with Star Anise
- Quince with Fresh and Preserved Ginger
- Quince with clove, cinnamon, and cardamom


oh my god! these sound SO amazing! i can't wait to get my copy of this fantastic book and start getting all sticky and jammy again. anything with cardamom is good in my book....

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