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October 26, 2004



hello! yes, this is a very interesting topic, esp. for parents of small kids! I was over there at rainbowcakes' blog and told her about a good site on how to freeze stuff... sorry about your present shoebox freezer situation though! Writing your own lists and reading about others'-- pantry, fridge, menus is so helpful, somewhat therapeutic too! :)


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post; it's fascinating and informative to read how other people run their household, particularly in another country. (What an adjustment it must have been for you when you had baby Max: the culture shock of motherhood and the culture shock of living in a new country!)

Id love you to post some of the recipes you've listed when you are back into your Swissy routine. I'm pretty sure you are travelling back in the next week or so and things will be rather chaotic for a while, no doubt. Good luck and I wish you the sweetest reunion with Bruno.

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