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December 20, 2004



Would you believe I've just been blogging about simple, clean, fresh tastes for jaded palates?! What was I thinking? Lettuce, blah!! This looks fantastic!!

I agree with beefing up Donna's recipes. They often look good but lack oomph.


that looks sooo good! and the photo is pretty ace too: all that dark wood of the table in sympathy with the darkness of the filling, and the plate and the wall matching the crust: you sure yr nascent career *isn't* as the new donna hay?


ahh yes, i finally discovered the 'close-up' setting on the digital camera : ) unfortunately, i can't take too much credit for the composition of the photo, because i always take pictures there...it just happened to be a happy circumstance of features, i'm afraid : )
sure, i'd love to take over the world a la donna hay!! who wouldn't?!

Joana Alves

Hi, Cherie!

I know this is an old post, so I hope you'll read this. I wanted to try and make this pie but it'll be really hard to find hazelnut meal here. What is it exactly? Can I just grind some hazelnuts?
Thanks for your help! *


Hi Joana!
you can absolutely grind some hazelnuts - after all, that's just what it is, ground hazelnuts. Try to make it quite fine, if you can, and you can improve the flavour and make it more 'hazelnutty' by roasting the nuts a little before in a dry pan. YOu don't need to remove the skins, in fact it is better if you don't. You'll have the bonus of having totally fresh hazelnut meal in the process. Let me know how it tastes!

Joana Alves

I will, thank you!
I just hope mine tastes as good as yours looks. ;)

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