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December 06, 2004



ooh, yummy sounding goodies! I'm inspired to start my bake-a-thon too. thanks!

Ines C Rothen

I am Swiss and you are right about the importance of Weihnachtsgutzies. Unfortunately we have moved recently and I just can't find the receipe books anywhere. So I am here on the web, trying to find a suitable receipe. I want to make Aenisgutzies! Have forgotten how. However, my mother always said to use powdered sugar. I have normal sugar here. Will they come out as well with normal sugar as with the powdered version.

Would be grateful to have the receipe. And if you have it also for Brunslis.

Many Thanks
I C Rothen


hi ines,

unfortunately the anisguetzlies will not be the same without icing sugar (powdered sugar)! the texture and the colour would be very different. i'm not sure what country you are living in, but icing sugar seems ot be widely available in most places. hope you can find some. i've posted the recipes for anisbrötli/chräbeli and basler brunslis in my latest post. hope you enjoy making them, and have a great christmas, even if you are far away from home.


As the daughter of a Swiss woman, growing up in Australia, I have been lucky to visit Switzerland several times, and always during Christmas, because of my school holidays... I've never been such a 'Christmas' person, but I have just finished high school, and am in my 3 months' holidays before uni! Suddenly, with all this time on my hands, I am feeling very Christmasy, and hope to hold my own baking session. I intend to make Zimtsterne, Brunslis and Pfeffernusse... yum!

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