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December 01, 2004



This sounds *so* much like the first year I volunteered to make the Christmas pudding, not just for my family but for Oscar's as well. My family involves 6 adults (and 5 young children who are unlikely to eat pudding) while Oscar's family has at least 10 adults (some years, it's 12 or more) and a mix of teenage and young children, some of whom might like a taste. So I doubled the pudding recipe. It took forever to make because of the volume of fruit; I know exactly what you mean about stirring that mixture! It would have been easier to do 2 batches. And then the hours, and hours, and hours of boiling the suckers, checking all the while to ensure my pots didn't boil dry. Naturally, all done in Aussie heat. And just like you I found that doubling the recipe resulted in more pudding than I knew what to do with. I ended up freezing two spare puddings and they tasted fantastic the following year.

Pudding is now my specialty in both families.

I was going to try cake for the first time this year, but reading your post has made me think that the pudding experience is probably enough.

Can you believe that women like my Nana used to make pudding, cake(s), mince tarts and shortbread?!!

You must post a photo of your zoft bowl; it sounds very special.


Put a Kitchenmaid on your wishlist - they last for years and make light work of the christmas cake thing. I confess, I only line with baking paper and my cake doesn't seem to scorch but I agree the timing is tedious when you realise you have to stay up to midnight to wait for the bloody thing to cook.


I haven't made a christmas cake or a pudding as it is still my mother's tradition. I am not sure if the same principle would apply with christmas cake but whenever I want more cake - I increase the recipe approximately by half i.e. if the original recipe was say 3 eggs I may put in 5 eggs. I tend to find the timing stays approximately the same when baking and I don't end up with too much mixture.

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