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January 07, 2005



Take heart, my children have emerged from the only-eat-pasta phase and my older daughter now embraces chilli. Forget about running an a la carte restaurant and cook what you like.


Oh I sympathise!

At the moment, my theory is that the children like to taste the individual flavours while adults prefer complexity. The children seems to be happiest with a deconstructed meal: cheese in one area, raw carrot, lettuce, cucumber, perhaps some roast pumpkin, a slice of apple, sliced ham or chicken, steamed rice, toast which can be dipped into egg or baked beans. Don't put anything on top of anything else; the exception is avocado on toast. Forget casseroles, pasta with sauce, scrambled eggs. I haven't tried stir fries or risotto for ages.

My biggest success at the moment is that all 3 children are scoffing roast chicken (Molly eats the roast veg, too, but not Sally or Harry), and they all adore chicken soup.


thanks for the reassurance and advice, ag and lucinda! i look forward to the day when i can cook just one (grown-up, tasty) meal for the whole family... we will sit down together at a civilised hour and consume it without jumping up every 10 seconds for dishcloths/smaller spoons/sauces/mineral waters/other favoured foods etc. i can but dream!
y'know, i'm going to try a roast chook, lucinda. but it makes me so sad that there won't be any roasted pumpkin to go with it. the swiss just don't do pumpkin *sigh*

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