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January 28, 2005



Hi Cherie, thanks for the compliments! i love your recipes & photos too. (especially your zopf recipe looks fantastic) the last recipe that you mentioned is ginger-pear hand pies (martha stewart living, jan 05). i'll send you the original recipe via e-mail. also i should update the english version of my site :)


Thanks for the referral - god knows I was inspired by the bountiful and beautiful Red Kitchen in the first place. Which I could decipher that turkish blog too - it looks fantastic. Finally getting my act into gear and posting recipes on my family cooking stuff - better late than never. Oh reminds me another tip I heard about prohibiting gastro is to start making rice and give the sick kiddie some of the cooled rice water. I think the theory is all that gluten will form a plug. I tried it once I couldn't determine how successful though because I couldn't get much into Elliot. But it couldn't hurt in any case.

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