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February 28, 2005



Oh I *adore* a good fondue. I have a Le Creuset fondue set which was a wedding gift from my Dutch aunt and uncle, but it doesn't get used enough. Oscar finds cheese fondue to be too rich; he can't sleep all night after eating it because his stomach plays up (delicate petal!!). So I'm rather fondue deprived and wishing I could visit you just for a hit!

Your berry cheese pots look wonderful. Added bonus: the recipe sounds simple enough to enlist the help of the children.


lucinda, you and all yr family are most welcome to visit for a fondue anytime! perhaps oscar needs to consume more kirsch with his fondue. it breaks down all the fat in the cheese so it doesn't sit too heavily on the stomach. it's a bit like rocket fuel (at least the stuff we have here - we get it from a local farmer) but it works wonders.

re. the berry cheesecakes: yes indeed, very good for kiddies. max was very interested when i was bashing the biscuits with the rolling pin!


Question: You don't need to bake the berry chesecakes?


zorra: no need to bake the cheesecake. it's a fresh one. you could bake the mix i suppose, but then i would incorporate the berries INTO the mix rather than placing them on top. Also, you might need to add an egg or two into the cheese/yoghurt mixture.


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