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February 22, 2005



I absolutely agree with you on the fennel salad--so simple, so clean, so delicious! Your taste in food is very much up my alley...it all sounds wonderful. And please please please do post that banana cake recipe with buttermilk!


recipe coming up soon, molly! btw, i also love yr blog. so much cooking, and baking! so much wonderful food!


A delightful variety of eats listed here, despite your attach of culinary winter blues.

Yes, yes, banana cake please. I'm interested in chilli beans too. Like you I'm a fan of couscous salad, other variations including good tinned tuna, sweet chilli sauce, parsley, toasted pinenuts, avocado (not all at once). Apple and berry crumble for brekky? How indulgent! Must try it.


i'm waiting for my present lot of bananas to ripen, them i'll be snapping and posting away, i promise!

chilli beans are ace. obviously they are not chilli when i make them for the kiddies. with rice, they are one of max's favourite meals. inexpensive, filling and very tasty. leftovers make excellent fillings for tortillas, so i make up a big pot and we have beans and rice one night, and tortillas the next (or the day after, just to break the monotony a little : ) ). recipe to come!

re. the breakfast crumble: when i make the crumble topping i usually add a good portion of muesli, ground almonds, and oats. i don't make the topping too sweet, and don't sweeten the fruit. then i can kid myself that all i am really eating is muesli and fruit!!!!!¨with a good greek yoghurt, it is a divine breakfast.

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