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May 17, 2005



Mmm, that sounds like a wonderful, wonderful meal. I can hardly wait for fresh corn to come to the farmers' markets here, and ahhh, summertime roasted tomatoes! Thanks so much for a delicious-sounding recipe...I can't wait to try it.



I made these the other day when I was housebound with the children and I had cabin fever. I was desperate to have something different for dinner, so I made these using the ingredients in the pantry and the fridge. Hence, brown onions, tinned corn (I know, this is not good enough) and red capsicum (I quite like this veggie, and it gave the crunch which tinned corn can't provide). I topped the corn cakes with some cream cheese and an impromptu avocado dip (avocado, lemon juice, sweet chilli sauce).

The corn cakes were yummy and I promise to try them with fresh corn too! Thanks for the recipe.


You mention they travel well... do you always eat them same-day, or can you pack them up and eat them, say, over the course of a week?


they do travel well. best eaten within a few days, I would think, but longer if refrigerated. I wold say within 2 days max unrefrigerated (there's eggs in there!) but 4 or so in the fridge. The bets thing to do is have a sniff : )

You could probably also freeze them, although I haven't tried that. You could try freezing them individually or in twos, then putting them, say, in a lunchbox to be defrosted and ready to eat by lunchtime.


Does frozen corn work? instead of fresh.


Daykitchen, I think frozen corn would work just fine,probably even better than canned.





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