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June 22, 2005



Mmmm. Lots of yummy stuff here today. We love cherry jam at our house. I once had a friend offer to pay me to make him a whole case he liked it so much. I declined mostly because I think the other members of my family would have shot me had I given any of it away.

My big favorite at the moment is a rhubarb apricot conserve recipe that I got from my husband's grandmother.

And I totally agree about the ketchup bottles. Genius. They have it for mustard and mayo too now...relish should be next.


Okay, update time. I just got back from Costco to discover that they do have upside down relish bottles. Now my summer condiment needs are complete .


Yes, you're right. Summer is approaching to us with long steps. We're almost 30degrees. So it's hot. Although I spend much time in office equipped with airconditioning, it's too hot. It's good to have different fresh fruits to bear this heat.
I think also that heinze ketchup design is so good.


Not just upside down, but also wide mouth! You can get a proper spoon in them, which is especially
a boon with the mayo ones.


Mmmm, that jam sounds heavenly!

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