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November 08, 2005



And there's Quince Brandy too - Nigella has a recipe for it. Cake looks fab.


That cake looks beautiful. I'm so glad to have found another use for poached quince, which I made last week, coincidentally!

Crazy Gaijin

Hi there.

I have made the recipe for quince paste from SA's book - it is delicious. Perfect with any sort of cheese and biscuits. It does take a while, but I found that the time went fairly fast. A friend of mine told me to make it in the microwave, which I tried, but I found that it was not working out as well (not going very dark) so I transferred to the saucepan. A good variation is to add some chopped rosemary to it. Tastes delicious. Mmmm, I would love some right about now!!


Here's the quince cake recipe-Carol


its look yummy ....thanks 4 this recepies I,IItry it soon


A friend gives me some of those magical fruits each year and so far I've just made jelly with them. Last year, I didn't have time use them quickly and sadly, when I came to peel them, they were all brown and spotty inside. James brought me this year's batch yesterday and, as I've still got plenty of jelly from the year before last, I though I'd surf the net for some ideas. Your two recipes sound perfect and I will have a poaching session tonight. Will let you know how I get on!!
Greetings from Norfolk UK

Account Deleted

I like this cake, and Its look so beautiful. I like your idea and your test about cake.


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