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June 23, 2006


Jennifer Rinaldi

Hi! I have been lurking about for a quite a while and thought I would say I am SO HAPPY you have resolved to post more regularly! Food blogs are my favorite way to distract myself from work, and yours is my very favorite of all! I think you're a terrific writer, and it doesn't hurt that you have the same taste in food as me, children almost the same age, and a "mixed marriage" as I do (altho I am American, married to a German, and living just outside New York, only dreaming of relocating to Europe....) .... Anyway, I wanted to finally show my face, as it were, and encourage you to keep up with your writing, it's really wonderful. Thanks! --Jennifer

Nikki Freed

I too have been "lurking" around for some time. I love taking a look at your site when I need some inspiration for dinner or dessert and I can relate to your take on the Swiss lifestyle - I recently (well.. 8 months now) made the move to Zurich from California. Its great to hear how other foreigners live and eat here too!
Also, I am curious about the Engrosmarkt- I will try and check it out, but a post about it would be cool too!
Merci vielmals, wiedersehen,


So glad you're back! I love kitschenette and the red kitchen-- just up my alley. I was soooo sad when you hadn't posted in a while, thinking you had gone and quit the blogosphere. I so enjoy your writing and your take on childrearing, cooking, and living in a foreign environment. Thanks so much for brightening my day!

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