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June 07, 2008


Justine R

Hey Cherie, this takes me back to my days in Madrid! I was living right around the corner from Ginger, in Calle de la Cruz, which was fabulous, though Ginger didn't exist then. The tomato bread thing is originally from Catalonia, it's pa amb tomaquet in catalan or pan con tomate in spanish, , and such a simple dish yet such a revelation too! I think the boiled squid dish is actually (large) octopus tentacles sliced - pulpo a la gallega - which is a specialty of Galicia but yes, pretty ubiquitous. I didn't mind it but it is a bit of an acquired taste I guess; I saw this being made outdoors in Galicia, boiling these giant purple octopus in 40 gallon drums; they are really huge creatures. Madrid specialties are more the stewy dishes- cocido, stewed chickpeas with assorted meats and sausages, delicious though not light.
My favourite things were the jamon (did you see the Museo de Jamon?); the anchovies; boquerones (marinated fresh anchovies, just divine); a good tortilla; pimientos de padron, little green peppers cooked on the grill plate with that salt; calamari; olives with sherry (there was this old bar that only served those two things - though every type of sherry and green olive!); prawns in garlic; chorizo cooked in cider... and the most amazing suckling pig (cruel? perhaps. Delicious? Definitely). sigh sigh sigh, we *may* be heading over at the end of this year but I doubt it.
I do enjoy reading your posts, and particularly this one!
love and besos xxx
PS at some point children do start sleeping for longer stretches, don't they???

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The squid with paprika and potatos dish is actually not a speciality from the area, but a Galizian dish named "pulpo a la gallega" (it is octopus). However Madrid is well known for having lots of fish and seafood dishes and this particular one is found nationwide. In galizia, actually, potatos are served separately.

I like your blog, by the way!

About grainy salt, it's basically used for grilled meat or fish.

Seems you visited a lot of turistic places (where food is not necesarily good). Justine R gave you some hints on real Madrid food.

By the way, I'm going to try to bake my own zopf, partly following your recipe, partly following my german friend Rouven's.

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