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July 06, 2009



Got to say that looks like a truly obscene amount of cream, and for breakfast??? I am not surprised you sweet-sweated!


Heh. I can send you some recipes, if you'd like....

But where did you have this? It kinda looks like the appeltaart - famous! - at Café Winkel on the Noordermarkt, but perhaps you remember? :-)


Lynn, that's exactly the one (i think)! It was at a Saturday morning market somewhere in the Jordaan - breads, cheeses, fruit & veg, antiques etc. Apparently the market is very old. The cafe was absolutely packed, and the pie WAS delicious - just not for breakfast :)
If you have a recipe for the cake above, I would be so happy! I would love to try to make it.

la ninja

Hi there,

I was thinking that very same think. This HAS to be a piece of the "appeltaart" they serve at Winkel... and it is! It is defo one of the best in town, delish! You can see them (though the the basement kitchen window) peeling apples first thing in the morning on market days (Noordermarkt on Saturday indeed).

Hmmmmm... I'm just considering having dinner there tonight just to re-sample the "taart"! It's been a while! ;) Should I come across their recipe, I'll pass it on too, but I'm afraid it may be one of those best-kept-secret ones! :)



La Ninja, I tried to find an authentic recipe for the apple pie, and my recent post is about the closest I could find (in english, at least!). If you ever find out that secret recipe, I'd love to know it...

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