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September 21, 2009



Hi there! Could you quickly give a translation for what the best cut for this is called in Zurich/CH? I have a hard time with meat names here...
Thank very much for providing some dinner inspiration!
Happy cooking and a great weekend.


hi Nikki, to be honest I'm not exactly sure - I will have to ask an English-speaking butcher. A quick google search gives me 'schweineruecken' (pork back ) for pork loin but I've never seen this cut here. let me know if you find it!
it's pretty frustrating isn't it, trying to figure out what exactly is what. After 7 years I still don;t know much! And I'm still amazed that the Swiss have no idea about the lamb shank, that wonder of slow winter cooking - a friend and I once asked a farmer who raises their own animals for meat and they had absolutely no idea about this cut...she said she thinks the butchers throw that bit out! weird, and sad!

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