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February 05, 2010



Oooh, I might have to go with dessert first!

Though the chicken sounds quite lovely too :)

Lakshmi Menon

Wow this dish looks great. Thanks for the recipe, I will for sure be making this for my family and friends. The recipe doesn't seem too hard to follow. This looks like a great to have on display when people are arriving at my house. Thanks for the recipe and the idea.


Hi! It's nice to meet another food blogger in Zurich. I found you through an old link on Just Hungry. Are you part of the Swiss Expat Bloggers ning? (swissexpatbloggers.ning.com) Your cheesecake looks fabulous!


I just joined the ning thing, thanks for the suggestion. Nice blog, btw - will have to read through it when I have a moment. There's more of us foodbloggers than I thought :)

Adie Andrews

oh that rawsberry mascarpone cheesecake is so delicious I alredy tried it and am totaly in love

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